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Von Miller says Trent Brown is a tackle who has given him a hard time

Miller had some high praise for the 49ers right tackle.

The San Francisco 49ers spent time facing off against the Denver Broncos last month, meeting up in a preseason game, but also faced them twice in joint practices. One benefit to this was that young 49ers players got to face off against some of the big names on the Denver Broncos roster. One notable matchup saw Trent Brown match up with Von Miller frequently.

Miller recently sat down with his teammate DeMarcus Ware to talk about a variety of topics, serious and otherwise. You can watch the full video here. At one point, Ware asks Miller which offensive tackles own him, and which he owns. He deflected the latter question, saying tackles have long memories. However, at the 3:50 mark, he went into the former question, and specifically pointed to Trent Brown. Here’s what he had to say:

But some of the tackles that have given me hard times, I feel like Trent Brown has a very bright future in the National Football League. He’s 6’8, he knows how to use his arms, knows how to use his wingspan, he has length. So I feel like, he’s young, and people haven’t really seen him, but I feel like he’s one of the better tackles in the National Football League.

We have heard a ton of praise for Brown throughout training camp. Anthony Davis volunteered to move to to right guard because he felt it was best for the team to have Brown playing right tackle. Joe Staley said that Brown could be as good as anybody in the league, and if it did not happen it would be on Brown more than anything else. There have been questions about his conditioning throughout his college career and into his NFL career. But it is possible he has figured things out, or at least is on the path to figure things out. It could bode extremely well for the 49ers offensive line in 2016, and beyond.