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49ers, Jaguars led NFL in players claimed off waivers

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The 49ers lost four players to waivers. Some were surprising (either the original cut, or the claim), but I’m not going to get in a twist quite yet.

The San Francisco 49ers made numerous roster moves this past Saturday to cut down from 75 players to 53. The day after players were cut, waivers ran. The 49ers did not make any claims on Sunday, although they did claim Taylor Hart from the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.

However, on Sunday, while the 49ers did not make any claims, they had several of their roster cuts claimed elsewhere. The Cleveland Browns grabbed Corey Lemonier, the Cincinnati Bengals grabbed Jeff Driskel, the Philadelphia Eagles grabbed Bryce Treggs, and the Seattle Seahawks grabbed Garrison Smith. The 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars led the NFL with four players claimed.

The highlight of leading the NFL in waiver claims is the discussion about what it means about the 49ers roster. Naturally, some suggest it means the 49ers roster was better than people thought. That’s possible, but it could also mean the 49ers made some bad choices. These are not mutually exclusive opinions, but it’s obviously much more fun to focus on black and white arguments, right?

I was surprised when the 49ers cut Smith, and in turn, not surprised he was claimed elsewhere. He had a solid preseason, and the 49ers defensive line depth has some questions with Quinton Dial (MCL), Glenn Dorsey (ACL), and Arik Armstead (shoulder) all dealing with some kind of injury. Dial and Armstead are expected to play Week 1, but question remain.

The Driskel and Treggs claims were a little surprising, given they are UDFAs, but we’ve seen UDFAs get snagged up plenty in the past. Bengals fans were a bit stunned by the Driskel claim, but Cincinnati clearly liked something about him. If the Bengals decide they can’t afford the roster spot and want to move him to their practice squad, they will have to place him on waivers for others to claim.

All that being said, we’re talking about the bottom few players on the roster. And considering the re-building process that is going on, I find it easier to save my outrage over the player losses for the time being. Maybe one or more of them turn into significant contributors. Maybe not. I do plan on keeping an eye on their respective seasons, but I’m not going to get too angry about the losses for now.