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New 49ers Wallpapers for Desktop and Mobile

New season, new 49ers wallpapers

Football’s return bring’s all new 49ers wallpapers for your iPhone or Desktop from Better Rivals podcast staff designer Joce Bossin. There is both a desktop (1920x1280) and an iPhone version, both featuring NaVorro Bowman. Home games have a red triangle for the game number, while away games remain in gold.

While the wallpaper was not designed specifically for Android, it might still work so give it a go. We joke that Joce is the staff designer for the podcast, but he does the work for free out of the goodness of his heart. Send him some thanks on Twitter if you get a chance (@iAdoss).

And as always, Go Niners!

Note: Use the links to download full-res versions. If there are any issues with the mobile option being blurry, or if you can’t download them, let us know in the comments.

Desktop (1920x1080)

Joce Bossin

iPhone/Mobile (1600x3020)

Joce Bossin


Here’s an iPhone/Mobile version without the schedule for your home screen.

iPhone/Mobile (No Schedule)