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Colin Kaepernick to donate jersey sales proceeds to community organizations

Last Thursday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick announced he would be donating $1 million of his 2016 salary to various community organizations. He has now decided on another way to donate additional money. He will also donate various proceeds from jersey sales this year to these community organizations.

In the week-and-a-half since Kaepernick first sat down for the National Anthem, his jersey sales have spiked. Darren Rovell reported that he sold more merchandise in one week than he had in the previous eight months combined. Numerous people who support another team, or don’t even watch football have said they will buy Kaepernick merchandise in support of the quarterback.

On Wednesday, Kaepernick expressed gratitude for the support, and said the only way he can repay the support is to donate all the proceeds he receives from the sales back into the communities that need assistance. Players receive a percentage payment on merchandise sold, and it can be a sizable check. Props to Kap!