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49ers DC thinks plan is to return Will Redmond from IR this season

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The timing of his placement on IR makes this a reasonable possibility.

The San Francisco 49ers placed Will Redmond on injured reserve on Monday, but it appears the stay might not be all season. Teams can return one player from injured reserve, and defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil told the media on Wednesday that he thinks the plan is for Redmond to be that one return.

In years past, teams had the option to return a single player from IR, but he had to be designated to return at the time he was placed on IR. This year, the NFL has done away with the designation. Teams still can only return one player from IR, but they do not need to designate it at the initial placement. However, they cannot return unless placed on IR after the initial 53-man roster is set.

Redmond tore his ACL last year and became the 49ers latest ACL All Star pick. He did not take part in full practice early in training camp, but he got into the last two preseason games. The beat writers said he did not look 100 percent, and so, the IR decision was not surprising. However, the decision to wait until Monday, rather than with the final cuts left this option open. I mentioned on Monday that the team might have cut an injury settlement with DeAndre Smelter in order to re-sign him later in the season, while saving the IR return option for Redmond. I don’t know if Smelter will be impacted by this at all, but who knows, maybe it is part of a plan around the strict IR rules.