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Trent Brown responds to Von Miller’s praise

Von Miller had some praise for the 49ers’ offensive linemen, he shows some humbling comments in response. You can listen to the interview here.

Trent Brown had himself quite a week and ultimately a camp. The San Francisco 49ers 7th round pick worked his tail off to not only get praise from his teammates, but also from elite players on other teams.

For those of you not clicking on the link, Von Miller essentially said Trent Brown gives him trouble, and is one of the best tackles in the NFL. For a second year, seventh round pick, that’s probably something you won’t hear everyday, and from Von Miller, who has his way with offensive lines most of the time, that’s high praise.

Brown met with the media following Miller’s comments and had this to say (note: interview begins cutting off the initial question, I’d imagine it has something to do with how he takes Von Miller’s comments):

Build upon it or you can get complacent?

Yeah, I’m definitely going to build upon it. Definitely.

You needed validation?

I mean, just takes it to another level. Gotta stay humble at the same time. That’s a Super Bowl MVP. For him to come out and say that on the Demarcus Ware Show? I don’t know. I was speechless.

Talk about this game. Who’s going to be matched up against you and what kind of challenges will the Rams front seven you think will create?

That’s a great group on defense. They got into LA. I just got to come out and do what I can and do my best and take care of business. Do my job.

Your initial reaction when you heard Von’s comments.

My eyes were big. Then I talked to Tiller (49ers offensive lineman Andrew Tiller) and I was like, “Dang bro did he just say this? Am I listening right?

How valuable was it to get reps against him in the preseason?

They are very valuable, I mean, there’s not very many guys like Von Miller. Not many guys like Von Miller at all, really. Like I said, just to see the video, cuz I have been hearing about the video for like, two days, and then, for me to actually see it yesterday, I didn’t know what to do, I was speechless.