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Chip Kelly press conferences live stream, September 8

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The San Francisco 49ers return to practice on Thursday, and it will provide out first look at the injury report. Teams playing on Monday must submit their practice participation reports on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Head coach Chip Kelly is meeting with the media Thursday and Friday. Since both press conferences are before practice, he likely will be able to offer more insight (albeit still not much) on Friday rather than Thursday.

Kelly will meet with the media at 10:10 a.m. PT. The team will then practice at 10:25, and that will be followed by locker room availability. In between, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher will talk to 49ers media at 10:20, and a Rams player will talk to the media at 12:30.

CSN Bay Area has a live stream page, but it has not been showing the press conferences much. I’ve embedded their stream up above in case they do. If they do not, will have the stream. If there are any issues with either stream, I've embedded the beat writer Twitter list below, so you can see what they have to tweet out.