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Carlos Hyde out of blue non-contact jersey at 49ers Thursday practice

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The 49ers look to have Carlos Hyde on the field for Week 1, and reports are positive this week.

Good news from the San Francisco 49ers Thursday practice. Cam Inman noted that running back Carlos Hyde is not wearing the blue non-contact jersey associated with injuries. Hyde suffered a concussion in the 49ers third preseason game, and had been working through the concussion protocol. That involves a player needing to be asymptomatic at rest, and again after exertion before he can return to football. He must also pass a contact test. Once all that is cleared, he can play. There will be modest contact in practice, so removing the no-contact jersey is big.

Monday Night Football features a stout Rams defense, and an improving 49ers defense. On offense, it is a matchup of Hyde vs. Todd Gurley. Both passing games are underwhelming for the moment, so the ground games could be the difference-maker in this game. Well, that and turnovers!

Barring any changes between now and Monday, Hyde will get the start, and likely the bulk of the work. Where it gets interesting is how much we see of his backups, which include Shaun Draughn, Mike Davis, and DuJuan Harris. All three provided some reasons for optimism in the preseason, although Davis and Harris had some issues with fumbles. But after many questions about the group all offseason, the 49ers might have some nice depth at the running back position, for the time being. Injuries can change anything, but for this first game, it appears to be a solid group.