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Bruce Miller charged with 7 felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon (cane)

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He’s got some serious issues to address.

The San Francisco 49ers released Bruce Miller on Monday, but Miller faces even bigger issues than what to make of his football career. His early Monday assault on two hotel guests in San Francisco has resulted in seven felony charges and one misdemeanor charge.

Miller got into all sorts of issues Sunday night and Monday morning. Reports say it all started when he got into it with some customers at Tommy’s Joynt (a great restaurant choice in San Francisco). He came into the restaurant and got into an altercation with a customer over their sandwich. That was followed by allegedly going to the hotel in question where he was told they did not have any rooms. He was said to have left and later come back and knocked on the door of a random guest. Miller allegedly assaulted the two guests, one of whom was a 70-year old man.

Multiple reports suggest he was intoxicated, which is not exactly a shocking revelation. Generally speaking, people are not going to do this kind of thing while sober. He is alleged to have punched the hotel guests, and apparently used the 70-year old’s cane against him. All in all, it’s a whole big mess.

Alcohol reportedly played a role in his incident with his then fiancee a year ago spring. He pled down to misdemeanor disturbing the peace, but considering he was required to attend a 16-week domestic violence program, clearly there was a belief that something happened with his fiancee.

If all of this is true, Miller would seem to have a problem with controlling himself with alcohol. Before he even thinks about any career prospects, Miller needs to address what appears to be a serious issue. He is facing serious prison time if found guilty on some of these charges. Whether he ends up going to prison or not, he needs to address his problems.