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Golden Nuggets: Football is officially back!

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Friday, September 9th, 2016 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Good morning everyone. Football is officially well and truly back, though the San Francisco 49ers will have to wait longer than every other team but the Los Angeles Rams. That's because they are featured on Monday Night Football, in what is sure to be a hellish nightmare and legendarily bad primetime game. Case Keenum vs. Blaine Gabbert doesn't strike meas a fierce quarterback duel, but I've been wrong before I suppose.

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos kicked off the 2016-17 NFL season with a stupidly-named presentation of Sunday Night Football yesterday ... on Thursday. Because the NFL thinks that brand carries power (it does, but not in that way), we had to deal with that stupidity. But the game itself was quite good.

Trevor Siemian looked good at times and bad at others, and I found it disconcerting how much I'd rather have a guy I've barely heard of over Gabbert. But the NFL sure did let a few helmet-to-helmet hits happen without penalties, didn't they? Hopefully that doesn't happen much more going forward. Let's get on to your links.

Wide receiver misfits welcome -- and essential -- with 49ers (Barrows)

49ers Foundation pledges $1 million to two charities (Maiocco)

Carlos Hyde cleared for 49ers opener against Rams (Biderman)

Broncos LB Brandon Marshall, Colin Kaepernick's college teammate, took a knee during the national anthem (SB Nation)

Levi's Stadium debuts rooftop farm atop Niners' home (SacBee)

Forgotten receivers eager to jump-start careers with 49ers (Branch)

49ers practice report: Glenn Dorsey, two corners miss practice (Biderman)

Bruce Miller charged with seven felonies, one misdemeanor (CSN Bay Area)

49ers WR Streater learning quickly, very impressed with Gabbert (Maiocco)

Baldwin promises 'demonstration of unity' before Seahawks game (CSN Bay Area)

49ers expect Glenn Dorsey to be in uniform against Rams (Maiocco)

Blaine Gabbert Earned the Opportunity to Start Again (49ers)

Vance McDonald Takes Pride in Backup Longsnapping Duties (49ers)