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Santa Clara police not expected to boycott 49ers-Rams Monday Night Football

Fan safety comes first.

The Santa Clara police have informed the media the San Francisco 49ers Monday Night Football opener vs. the Los Angeles Rams will be adequately staffed, and it will be “business as usual.”

This issue came up because of a letter the Santa Clara police union sent to the 49ers following Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest, and subsequent press conference. The letter expressed dismay at Kaepernick’s words and actions, and threatened a boycott of Levi’s Stadium events. The Santa Clara police chief issued his own statement, asking both sides to work together to figure out a solution that maintained the safety of fans.

Events at Levi’s Stadium are viewed as special events, but officers are still technically “on the clock” during the events. They volunteer for the shifts, and if there is not enough security, a superior can assign people to the event.

Kaepernick will not be starting this game, and odds are pretty good he will not play at all. However, Chip Kelly has said he is expected to be active as the No. 2 quarterback. He will continue taking a knee with Eric Reid, and Torrey Smith suggested we might see other players join them.