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Eric Reid says other players might join MNF National Anthem protest

The protests will continue. Considering what happened with Brandon Marshall, I’m curious what this will mean with endorsements and sponsors.

The San Francisco 49ers will square off with the Los Angeles Rams late Monday night to close out Week 1, and it’s safe to say the National Anthem will be must-watch TV for some of us. Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid plan to continue their kneel-down during the Anthem, and there is a chance more players might join the group.

Reid spoke with the media Friday after practice, and he said there has been some discussion with other players. He would not say who, or if specific players were going to be involved, saying he did not want to speak for anybody else’s individual plans. But given the momentum that has built, including the 49ers recent $1 million donation, I would be surprised if there were no other players involved in the protest.

The whole weekend will be interesting to watch, particularly in light of Brandon Marshall’s decision on Thursday. The Denver Broncos linebacker took a knee, and on Friday, he lost an endorsement because of that. Air Academy Federal Credit Union announced plans to end their partnership with Marshall because of his stance. Considering they provide banking service to military folks, it is not surprising they would take this action.

Reid told the media that he has not heard from Under Armour, who is his one endorsement. He also said he had not heard from the NFLPA regarding his work as the team’s union rep. The 49ers have shown support for their players, and I am curious to see what happens with their own sponsors as well. Some fans have expressed their anger over the protests, and this is not helping (just check my Twitter mentions!).