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The 49ers are wearing red jerseys for home opener vs. the Rams on Monday Night Football

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The San Francisco 49ers are wearing their cherry red jerseys for the home opener against the Los Angeles Rams. People have been repeatedly asking me if they are wearing the black alternates like they did for last year’s season opener. No, they are not. They are wearing the red jerseys for the first game.

Rather than keep saying they are wearing red, I figured I’ll just show them this link and get the sweet, sweet page views that follow. Might as well keep things simple, right?

The 49ers are expected to wear their black alternates at some point. The Thursday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5. There has been all sorts of chatter about color rush uniforms, but I have not seen anything develop further.

The 49ers will likely want to use a prime time game to show off the black jersey again, so this would be the one other option. At some point, let’s hope the team adds some trim around the numbers so they are easier to see. I like the general idea of a black and red jersey, but the numbers to be easier to read.