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Chip Kelly called Jed York after Adam Schefter report he will be fired

This is all such a mess.

We knew for a while now that the San Francisco 49ers are a dumpster fire, but the past day is adding whole new meaning to it. Saturday evening, Adam Schefter (and others) reported that the 49ers were going to fire head coach Chip Kelly and general manager Trent Baalke. On Sunday, Jay Glazer reported Baalke was told two days ago he is out, while Kelly has not been told yet, and there is a meeting planned after Sunday’s game.

Now, it appears to be getting a little bit crazy. Mike Silver tweeted that Kelly called Jed York Saturday evening after the Schefter report broke. Silver said, “[i]t was not a warm and fuzzy conversation.” And on top of that, Pro Football Talk is suggesting the meeting will allow Kelly to, “have a chance to throw a verbal Hail Mary in an effort to get another year.”

Jennifer Chan reported Kelly’s agent had an idea his client might be fired, but did not seem entirely clear. It would seem it became much more clear Saturday, and Kelly likely wanted to have a word or two with the 49ers CEO.

If Sunday’s post-game meeting is a chance to save his job, if you were Chip Kelly, would you really want to save it? He could potentially convince York the roster was in shambles, and he and Tom Gamble could fix things up. But given the leaking we heard Saturday evening, would you want to work in this kind of organization? I realize there are only 32 NFL head coach jobs, so that is certainly something to factor in. But this organization is a black hole. If I’m Kelly, I’d almost rather take the payout for getting fired, and either take a year off or go back to college.

Oh to be a fly on the wall for last night’s conversation or the post-game meeting. Maybe today we get a reenactment of this photo:

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images