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New banner flying over Levi’s Stadium, ‘The House That Harbaugh Built’

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One more banner for the road!

The San Francisco 49ers dumpster fire of a season comes to a close Sunday afternoon, and fans are getting one last jab in at CEO Jed York. We have seen banners calling for Trent Baalke to be fired and Jed York to be held accountable. Now, we have one just going for the throat. The latest banner simply says, “Levi’s Stadium - The House That Harbaugh Built.”

We can get into all sorts of nuance about the financing of the stadium. While I think the stadium would have gotten built without Harbaugh, I also think his strong run made the selling of stadium builders’ licenses (SBLs) easier than it might otherwise have been. Maybe they find that Silicon Valley money even with continued struggles after 2010, but to think Harbaugh had no impact on selling SBLs is probably a bit naive.

Dating back to Harbaugh’s final season, it has been a steady descent for the 49ers. There is often always room to move further toward rock bottom, but it is hard to not think this organization has hit rock bottom. Now, they might stay at rock bottom for a while, but given how things are going, it is hard to get a whole lot worse. I won’t put anything past this franchise right now, but either way, things are pretty crappy.