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Caption This: Jed York pondering all that he has wrought

The 49ers CEO was given some rare in-game screen-time. What might he be thinking?

San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York gets photographed plenty on the field before games, but we rarely see him during the in-game telecasts. On Sunday, as the 49ers wrapped up a hideous 2016 regular season, guess who showed up early in the fourth quarter?

What could possibly be going through his head at that point? Maybe he is distracting himself from this disaster of a football team. Or maybe he’s pondering what he is going to say in his post-game conversation with Chip Kelly. The next few days and weeks are as important as any for York since either the hiring of Jim Harbaugh, or securing financing for Levi’s Stadium. Fans would look at the former, the Yorks would probably look at the latter.

What is going through his head?