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One 49ers fan’s newborn’s middle name shares same name as Navorro Bowman, Patrick Willis

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I don’t want to mess with this kid.

In all of the emotion surrounding the National Championship and the drama of the San Francisco 49ers’ head coaching search, I wound up digging up this cool little tweet yesterday. Congrats to 49ers fan Jesse Fricker for his new baby boy, but his kid has more going out of the gates than cuteness. Check out the name:

Willis-Bowman. This kid has the same middle name as the names of the 49ers feared middle linebacker duo of Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman. I don’t know about you guys, but hearing Willis-Bowman indicates I definitely do not want to take that kid’s blanket, binkie, string cheese, or anything else that would set him off. That name might get me shoulder tackled and beaten up worse than those poor fools in a Baby Geniuses movie. I don’t know what went into the creativity here—was Fricker on the fence between Willis and Bowman and decided on both? Either way, the decision definitely works.

Welcome to the world Mr. Peyton Willis-Bowman Fricker, and congrats Jesse. When is your kid going to be ready to try out for the Niners?