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Vance Joseph leaves Denver, Kyle Shanahan likely front-runner

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The Broncos might be closing in on a head coach.

The Denver Broncos interviewed Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph on Tuesday, and it appears he left Denver without a deal. John Elway tweeted the team enjoying visiting, and multiple reports say Joseph will move on to his next interview. He is scheduled to interview with the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday.

There had been some speculation earlier in the day that Joseph might not leave Denver without a contract. That obviously did not prove to be the case, and he will move on in his interview process. There are some reports that if the team decided against Joseph, Kyle Shanahan would become their primary target. The Broncos interviewed him last week, as did the 49ers and Jaguars. He has an interview scheduled this weekend with the Rams as a make-up for last weekend when the Rams could not get into Atlanta because of weather. After that interview, he cannot interview with anybody again until the Falcons are eliminated, or the Super Bowl bye week.

The Rams and Jaguars are the other two teams that interviewed Josh McDaniels the same day as the 49ers. The Jaguars decided on Doug Marrone, and we still don’t know what will happen with the Rams. One domino has fallen, and the Broncos seem like they could be next.