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Vance Joseph spotted Tuesday evening with John Elway at dinner

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It’s not quite Harbaugh watch for Denver, but it’s something.

There were reports on Tuesday that Anthony Lynn Vance Joseph had wrapped up his interview with the Denver Broncos, and was likely moving on from there. Turns out maybe the interview is not yet done. Denver TV sports producer Steve Cox reported that the Broncos and Joseph were spotted out and about.

Broncos beat writer Mike Klis is reporting the plan was for Joseph to stay in Denver overnight and then fly to San Diego for an interview with the Chargers. He said the two sides might continue communicating. The fact that they re having dinner at Elway’s restaurant is not a huge thing, but it seems worth noting. I know that if we were Broncos fans, “Joseph Watch” would be in full effect.

Even with the plans on flying out, meeting later in the evening over dinner can sometimes mean things might progress towards a mutually beneficial conclusion. Maybe they still turn to Kyle Shanahan, but for the time being, Joseph could have a chance to move into the driver’s seat.