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Sean McVay has second interview with Los Angeles Rams

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Things might start heating up with McVay’s status.

Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay is one of the hot names this offseason, and the Los Angeles Rams are potentially looking to make some things happen. USA Today’s Tom Pelissero and FOX Sports 1’s Mike Garafolo are reporting the Rams will conduct a second meeting with McVay after interviewing him last week.

The 49ers interviewed McVay on Monday, and all indications are it went well. Mike Silver reported he knocked both that and the Rams interview out of the park, and Matt Barrows just tweeted that the 49ers had a very good interview with him.

The Denver Broncos are meeting with Vance Joseph this morning after a Tuesday interview, and could nail that down. The Buffalo Bills are holding a second interview with Sean McDermott. And the Jacksonville Jaguars hired Doug Marrone. The Jaguars are the only one to formally hire a head coach, and the Broncos and Bills are certainly not entirely finalized at this point. There is a lot that can change, and these situations are entirely fluid, so I imagine names will continue floating every which way.