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49ers general manager/head coach search rumors/news recap, January 10

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Nothing much for the 49ers, but some other pieces are falling into place for the rest of the NFL

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up some more interviews on schedule Tuesday. Meanwhile, in the NFL things are shaping up for a couple teams. This morning we’re going to take a look at the 49ers remaining interviews and what happened around the league.

The Connections:

Fooch’s note: Late Tuesday after this was scheduled out, Matt Maiocco reported the team will interview Arizona VP of player personnel Sean McDonough. More on that shortly.

Really, nothing. The San Francisco 49ers interviewed Louis Riddick today as well as Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. The information on Riddick hasn’t trickled out yet, but McDermott had himself a day. Following the 49ers interview, reports have started to come out that he may be heading east to Buffalo.

That would put McDermott out and take Buffalo out of the running. It also frees up Anthony Lynn who many assumed would take the Buffalo head coaching job. Keep in mind, the 49ers do not have any interviews scheduled for Wednesday.

Other Candidates:

Remember Kyle Shanahan? Remember when he was considered the front runner for the Denver gig? Well not so much. Well if you count dining at John Elway’s restaurant as any sort of indicator:

The 49ers are expected to interview Joseph Thursday, but if dining out with the Denver Broncos is a sign, that interview may not happen. This is all speculation at this point, but if Joseph takes the job in Denver, that leaves Shanahan open to the 49ers. Especially if you do the math with this tweet:

The Texans still haven’t fired Bill O’Brien, and I really wouldn’t fathom why they would after winning against the Oakland Raiders in the wildcard round. If the 49ers are interested in Kyle Shanahan, now may be the time to start making some moves.

Coach Tracker:

It was not a firing, but the Oakland Raiders have decided to not renew Bill Musgrave’s contract. Raiders quarterback coach Todd Downing is expected to be promoted to offensive coordinator. The Raiders were ranked at No. 7 in offense this year but apparently someone felt Musgrave had to go. He hasn’t been contacted for any head coach interviews, however, if the 49ers hired their head coach, would you consider Musgrave as a offensive coordinator?

In Cleveland, you knew the Browns had to whack someone for the season they had and did so today by firing five assistant coaches. This may help the 49ers once they get their head coach situation figured out as it offers a new crop of coaches to plug in and get their roster up to snuff. Then again, this is the Browns, so maybe those five coaches will never coach again with that on their resume.

No interviews for Wednesday