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Broncos expected to make an offer to Vance Joseph

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The shuffling continues, and this could open up some other options.

The Denver Broncos interviewed Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph on Tuesday, and it now appears they are ready to make a serious commitment. Broncos beat writer Mike Klis is reporting he expects John Elway to make an offer to Joseph this morning.

Joseph was scheduled to fly to San Diego this morning to interview with the San Diego Chargers. That would be followed on Thursday with an interview with the San Francisco 49ers. If the Broncos making this kind of push now, that could end the Vance Joseph side of the process very quickly.

There had been reports Kyle Shanahan was most interested in the Broncos job, but either the Broncos are not interested in him, or they do not want to wait and see when his season ends. It might seem short-sighted to do that, but the need to hire a coaching staff sooner rather than later, a close call between Joseph and Shanahan might fall in Joseph’s favor because of the timing.

If the 49ers do not end up interviewing Joseph, they will have one head coach interview left with Tom Cable. Somewhere in there one would expect them to look into follow-up interviews with finalist candidates. If Josh McDaniels ends up a finalist and the 49ers want another interview, they would have to wait until the Patriots are eliminated from the playoffs, or we reach the Super Bowl bye week, whichever comes first. And of course, this leaves Kyle Shanahan still in play, with the same interview rules in place for him. He does also have an interview scheduled with the Rams after the Falcons playoff game. They got an exception because bad weather kept the Rams from getting to Atlanta for their interview with him.