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Mike Silver: 49ers, Rams have ‘sincere interest’ in Anthony Lynn

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The 49ers seem interested in numerous candidates. Who knows how it ends.

The Buffalo Bills are set to conduct a second interview with Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, with suggestions they are ready to push for him to be their next head coach. If that turns out to be the case, interim head coach Anthony Lynn will be left looking for a job.

The San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams interviewed Lynn for their head coach position. He was the first interview the 49ers conducted a week ago. And Mike Silver is reporting that the 49ers and Rams both have sincere interest in Lynn as an option.

The 49ers have an interview scheduled with Vance Joseph on Thursday, and with Tom Cable on Sunday. The team have also interviewed Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, Sean McVay, and Sean McDermott. Shanahan and McDaniels are still in the playoffs, while the remaining candidates can be hired as soon as the 49ers and the candidate make a decision.

The 49ers have not announced any follow-up interviews yet. The 49ers interviewed Lynn a year ago for their head coach position. So, they do not necessarily need a follow-up given that they have two interviews under their belt. The same would hold true for Josh McDaniels, who the team interviewed previously for the head coach opening, and could not interview another time until next week at the earliest.