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Albert Breer continues to report Josh McDaniels-49ers is a strong likelihood

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Breer really thinks McDaniels to the 49ers could happen. Here’s his latest.

The San Francisco 49ers have been rumored to be interested in a variety of coaches during their search process, but only one of those coaches has been mentioned as someone who would be seriously interested in taking on the job. MMQB reporter Albert Breer has repeatedly asserted Josh McDaniels would be interested in the 49ers job, in large part because he views it as a clean slate. There would be a new GM, likely a new quarterback, and with all that cap space and the No. 2 pick, a chance at a true rebuilding project.

Last week, Breer mentioned on CSN New England why he thought McDaniels would be interested in the job. Earlier this week on the MMQB website. And now on Wednesday, he is discussing it again on CSN New England. Breer got his start in Boston and has plenty of connections there, so it is no surprise he would offer particular insight on the Patriots situation.

Breer talked about Denver, Buffalo, and LA all potentially locking up their coaches on Wednesday. We have seen multiple reports the Broncos are close with Vance Joseph, and Ian Rapoport just recently reported it is a done deal. Buffalo and LA each have second interviews happening with Sean McDermott and Sean McVay, respectively.

And so, the 49ers and San Diego Chargers will be left to make their respective decisions. I’ve posted the video below, following this transcript of his comments.

“Well, I think what’s interesting here is there are three jobs that could be done today. Three of the five that are left. Jacksonville of course went with Doug Marrone. I think there’s a pretty decent possibility the Bills hire Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott today. I think there’s a good possibility the Dolphins hire Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph today. And I think there’s a chance the Rams hire [Washington] offensive coordinator Sean McVay today.

“So, that’s three of the five off the board. That would leave San Francisco and San Diego. Obviously Josh interviewed in LA, interviewed in Jacksonville, well with Jacksonville and LA here. Those two would be off the table, so now you’d be looking at only San Francisco, which I think was his preference all along ... [talks about Matt Patricia’s interview in San Diego] ... LA, Buffalo, and Denver coming off of the table certainly gives you some clarity as far as where Patriots coordinators could be.”

Should we assume if San Diego and San Francisco doesn’t announce anything, that it’s those two guys?

“I think [San Francisco’s] focus has been on casting a wide net. General manager candidates, coach candidates, I’m talking about San Francisco now. My impression would be that if it’s Josh, then they’ll probably go quiet. Now, there was an example of this a couple years ago, which was Dan Quinn. And he was still the defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. You’re not supposed to be able to do a deal. You’re not supposed to be able to finalize a contract. It’s not even supposed to be a handshake deal. But for the last three weeks of the Seahawks season, leading into the Super Bowl, everyone knew Dan Quinn was getting the job.”

[Matt Patricia Chargers stuff]

“And in San Francisco, I think Josh has got a fantastic shot. And I’ve said this before, I think that’s Josh’s pick, too. Of the three he interviewed for, I think that was the one he preferred, because you don’t have a sitting GM, like you have in L.A. and like you have in Jacksonville. And it doesn’t matter what you think of the quarterback. You’re gonna be able to go and pick your own. Whereas if you go to Jacksonville, you gotta live with Blake Bortles. You go to L.A., you gotta live with Jared Goff.

“I think Josh can look at that San Francisco situation and say, “I’m coming in with my own GM, I get to pick my own quarterback, and this is a situation where there aren’t bad contracts that I can’t get out of.” In essence, San Francisco’s like an expansion team. So that’s why I think Josh preferred the San Francisco job over the Jacksonville job, over the Los Angeles job, from the start. That’s why I think the likelihood is that he winds up there.”