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Chargers expected to announce move to Los Angeles, now we wait for Raiders news

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The stadium shuffle is on.

The San Diego Chargers are expected to announce later this week that they will make the move up the coast to Los Angeles. The Chargers had a clause allowing them to opt into the Rams Inglewood stadium, and Adam Schefter is reporting they will do so. The Chargers and the NFL tried to get what money they could out of the city of San Diego, but the city held out and the Chargers are picking up their ball and changing homes.

The Chargers are in the midst of their own head coach search. Will they look to make a splashy hire to go along with the move to LA? Or will it have no impact? The Chargers have interviewed Mike Smith, Sean McDermott, Matt Patricia, Anthony Lynn, Teryl Austin, and Dave Toub. No big names there. I don’t expect Jon Gruden gets added into the mix. One option would be to go with Mike Smith who has previous experience, and might help in a transition to a new city.

This news comes as the Oakland Raiders continue to figure out their next move. Las Vegas remains the most likely option, but until something is finalized, I imagine we can’t assume anything will happen. My guess is they end up making the move to my home town.

Whatever ends up happening, there is plenty of change afoot in California’s football markets. The Raiders potential departure leaves the Bay Area market to the 49ers, but I can’t imagine many Raiders fans, if any, wanting to make the switch to the 49ers. That is particularly so with the 49ers playing poorly and the Raiders playing well, but even if the situation was reversed, I think we would see limited abandonment of the Raiders.