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49ers general manager/head coach search rumors/news recap, 1/11: More hires in the NFL, nothing in San Francisco

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Not much for the 49ers, but the NFL coaching search starts to thin out with some hires. Which leaves the 49ers with some good candidates

So the first thing: The San Francisco 49ers didn’t do much at all Wednesday. No interviews are scheduled (at least with what the 49ers’ own Twitter postings tell us). The rest of the NFL, however, had itself a day with some hires. This obviously means some candidates are off the board. The good part: a couple splash hires are readily available. The bad: If the 49ers wanted Vance Joseph or Sean McDermott, they will need to look elsewhere. Mike Silver said the 49ers are not close to a hire, though narrowing down the list. So it’s going to be another season of watching everyone get snapped up before they can celebrate a hire of their own.

The Connections:

No interviews scheduled today, however the 49ers have reached out to Terry McDonough of the Arizona Cardinals. For those of you who thought it had something to do with former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan floating the name around, sounds like this was something planned for awhile now:

While we have no interviews, we certainly have impressions of previous interviews. Yesterday, Louis Riddick interviewed with the 49ers for the general manager position. While the consensus with the fans on Riddick has been somewhat polarizing, these tweets from Yahoo’s Charles Robinson will tell you how the 49ers viewed the candidate:

There’s a bit more context into this search now. If the 49ers are waiting for the coaches to weigh in on GM candidates, then that leaves Tom Cable to give his impressions on GM. The 49ers interview Cable next week.

Other Candidates:

Remember Anthony Lynn? Turns out there’s still some interest in the Buffalo Bills running backs coach-turned offensive coordinator-turned head coach. And yes, that means the Bills still haven’t gotten to hiring him (more on that below). Mike Silver said the Los Angeles Rams have ‘sincere interest’.

Speaking of the Rams, they also have brought back Sean McVay for his second interview. While this is the first second interview for the Rams, it sounds like this is going to be the first of many and isn’t really designating an interest in one particular coach:

And if you’re really worried about the Rams stealing a particular 49ers hire away, don’t. According to John Middlekauff has said the entire process for the Rams has been a “Total [site-decorum] show”.

Just remember, no matter how bad the Rams search may be, the 49ers have candidates like Tom Gamble on their list.

Upcoming interviews:

Head Coach:
Tom Cable (Sunday)

General Manager:
Trent Kirchner (Monday)
Scott FItterer (Monday)
Terry McDonough (Friday)

Coach Tracker:

We’ve got some big hires today. First, we go to Denver. It looks like Vance Joseph and not Kyle Shanahan will get the job with the Denver Broncos. Given Joseph’s defense in Miami, this may make one wonder, but the move keeps Shanahan open to the 49ers—if both parties are interested. It originally was reported Shanahan was high on Denver, but now that Denver’s gone, that leaves him on the 49ers’ radar.

Also another hire: Sean McDermott is off the board, going to the Buffalo Bills. It was reported that they had some financial things to figure out, but it looks like it’s all set for him to take the reigns of the Bills, following Rex Ryan. This leaves Anthony Lynn on the outside looking in. Well, for the head coach job. He is still under contract with the Bills and could be an offensive coordinator on McDermott’s staff. He could also be an OC for another team provided the Bills release him.

Finally, keep an eye on the San Diego Chargers. With the news that they will be moving to Los Angeles and joining the Rams, the Chargers will be looking to make a splashy hire in their new city and try to undercut their new rival—the Rams.

NFL Hirings

Buffalo Bills — Sean McDermott
Los Angeles Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars — Doug Marrone
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos — Vance Joseph

And now we wait...