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NaVorro Bowman makes a surprise hostpital visit to fan

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Bowman surprises a young girl who was injured on her way to Levi’s Stadium

There really don’t need to be any more reasons to admire San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman but nevertheless, I’m going to give you one more. A young girl named Sienna was injured in an accident on the way to watch the 49ers in their season finale while wearing the jersey of her favorite player: NaVorro Bowman.

Someone tipped off the organization which prompted the linebacker to pay his special fan a visit in the hospital where she is still recovering almost two weeks later. Bowman not only posed for many pictures with Sienna but brought her a new jersey to replace the one damaged in the accident. He and the 49ers will also host Sienna and her family as special sideline guests next season once she is full recovered.