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Greg Roman to join Harbaugh coaching staff, no not that one

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He likely will not be OC, but he could very well end up in the role sooner rather than later.

The Buffalo Bills fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman midway through their season, and promoted running backs coach Anthony Lynn in his place. Roman remained out of football the rest of the season, but he appears to have a landing spot. Adam Schefter is reporting he will join the Baltimore Ravens coaching staff in a job still being ironed out.

Ian Rapoport had previously reported Michigan wanted to hire him for their passing game coordinator job, but that ended up going to Pep Hamilton. Then there were reports Roman would end up in Cleveland to replace Hamilton. Now, he will instead join another Harbaugh, this time in Baltimore.

Roman has gotten plenty of grief, and now he has 49ers and Bills fans who get to watch and see what he does in his next role. John Harbaugh fired OC Marc Trestman in the middle of this past season and replaced him with Marty Mornhinweg. The Ravens offense did not improve much, but they decided to retain him for 2017. Roman will not be OC, but given his past experience, it would likely mean Mornhinweg will be on the hot seat from day one.