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Sean McVay still in LA after second interview, with Anthony Lynn next up

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Will the Rams situation speed up as we saw with Denver and Buffalo?

The Los Angeles Rams are moving into the second stage of their interview process, and Sean McVay and Anthony Lynn are prominently figuring into it. McVay held his second interview with the team on Wednesday, and Josina Anderson is reporting Lynn has a second interview planned with the Rams and the Chargers.

Thursday morning, Albert Breer tweeted McVay was still in Los Angeles the day after his interview. That could just mean his flight is a little later today, but as we saw with Vance Joseph, things can happen quickly in this process. Mike Silver said on Wednesday he did not think the Rams (or 49ers) were extremely close to making something happen, and might interview three or four finalists. However, these are fluid situations that can change after a single strong interview.

The Rams were the other team to interview Josh McDaniels, along with the 49ers and Jaguars. If the Rams decide on McVay or Lynn, that leaves McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan there if the 49ers are sufficiently interested. Of course, they also have to be sold on the 49ers, but the opportunity seems to remain there.