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Rashard Robinson sprained ankle, avoided serious injury in 49ers finale

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Good news for one of the 49ers more promising 2016 rookies.

The San Francisco 49ers apparently got some good news about Rashard Robinson’s injury in the season finale. Robinson left the game with what was described as an ankle injury, and looked to be in a lot of pain. However, Eric Branch is reporting it was simply a sprained ankle, and he is expected to be ready for the start of the team’s offseason workout program in April.

Sprains are not long-term injuries, but the sudden pain can put a scare in a player. I recall that happening to Joe Staley a few years back, where we clearly heard him scream out in pain after an injury. He was fine for the next week’s game, and in fact, players were joking in the post-game locker room scene about his scream.

Robinson put together a strong rookie season. He had some bad moments, most notable getting repeatedly burned by Mike Evans, but he showed a lot of good things. The big issue is his size and holding up in the NFL. At the Combine, he measured in at 6’1, 171 pounds. He said during the season that he had put on some bulk, but by all appearances, he’ll likely need a little more to withstand the physical rigors of the NFL. But as is always the case, if he can avoid the “injury prone” label, he showed enough that I think he could take a big step forward in 2017.