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Rams focusing on Sean McVay, might not interview Kyle Shanahan

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Are the Rams getting a little too impatient in this?

The Los Angeles Rams apparently do not feel like waiting on Kyle Shanahan for an interview. ESPN Rams beat writer Alden Gonzalez is reporting the team is “zeroing in on Sean McVay” and “probably will not be interviewing Kyle Shanahan.”

McVay had a second interview with the team on Wednesday, and was in town on Thursday, according to reports. Shanahan was going to interview with the Rams last weekend, but weather issues kept the Rams from getting to Atlanta. Shanahan said this week that he had tried to move the interview a day later, but it did not work out. It has seemed like the Rams were getting antzy and wanted to get going.

If the Rams think McVay can be the best coach for them, so be it. But if they just want to get this done to get this done, not being willing to wait for a coach still in the playoffs seems painfully short-sighted. It is one reason I am at least moderately comfortable with the 49ers current pace. It hopefully means the team is seriously considering Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan. McVay could end up being the best of the group, but don’t just hire him because you were impatient and didn’t want to wait for other coaches to become available. The Falcons waited on Dan Quinn and that worked out fine. That is only one example, but it is something to consider.