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Rams hire Sean McVay as next head coach

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The 49ers and Chargers are the last two teams left who need to hire a head coach.

One more domino has fallen. The Los Angeles Rams announced on Thursday that Sean McVay has been hired as their next head coach. McVay is officially the youngest head coach in NFL history. He is 30, and turns 31 later this month.

McVay interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, and there was some fan excitement for the youngster nicknamed Baby Gruden. He is young, but is well-respected among players and coaches. It will be viewed as a risky hire given his age, but with the Rams looking for a fresh start as they prepare to move into a new stadium in Los Angeles in a couple years, it makes sense for this kind of huge change. Why hire a retread?

This leaves the 49ers and Chargers as the only teams who have not hired a head coach. The 49ers still have an interview with Tom Cable on Sunday, and at some point would conceivably bring in some of their recent candidates for a second round of interviews. The 49ers had no interviews today, and have an interview with GM candidate Terry McDonough on Friday. Hopefully we hear something about a planned second round of interviews soon. Even if it requires waiting for Kyle Shanahan and/or Josh McDaniels, so be it.