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Anthony Lynn could join Sean McVoy as Rams offensive coordinator

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The number of options for the 49ers is down to two potentially great candidates, and Tom Cable.

The Los Angeles Rams hired Sean McVay as their next head coach, and now they might be adding another head coach candidate as their offensive coordinator. Our friends at Turf Show Times are reporting the Rams are looking to hire former Bills interim head coach and OC Anthony Lynn as their offensive coordinator.

The news comes amidst reports Wade Phillips is McVay’s top choice for defensive coordinator. As the now youngest head coach in NFL history, hiring a strong stable of experienced assistants is critical. Phillips is arguably the best possible hire McVay could make with the Rams. Lynn did not get his first OC experience until Greg Roman was fired this year, but he has extensive time as a running backs coach. The Rams drafted Jared Goff, but will likely look to build their offense around Todd Gurley. Lynn could be ideal for that.

If Lynn comes off the board, that leaves the San Francisco 49ers with Josh McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, and upcoming interviewee Tom Cable as their only remaining head coach options. They interviewed Lynn and Sean McDermott, and were planning on interviewing Vance Joseph. If Lynn gets hired in LA, that will be three candidates off the board. The 49ers cannot hire McDaniels or Shanahan until their respective playoff runs end, so fingers crossed that is what the 49ers end up doing. If they hire Tom Cable, so help me....