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Report: Chargers finalizing contract to hire Anthony Lynn as head coach

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The 49ers have three candidates remaining for their head coach position. Who will it be?

The musical chairs of NFL head coaching searches is quickly approaching its conclusion. The Los Angeles Rams announced Sean McVay would become their next head coach, and now, the newly changed Los Angeles Chargers (that’s a little weird) are expected to hire Anthony Lynn.

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport reported earlier this afternoon that Lynn’s meeting with the Chargers was still on-going. Now, Denver radio host Benjamin Albright is reporting Lynn will be the next head coach. Albright has broken some news in the past, so while he is not as well known a source, in light of Lynn still talking to the Chargers, it makes sense. Fooch’s update: Rapoport is now also saying something is close.

This is not official yet, so things could certainly change, but if it plays out, that will leave the San Francisco 49ers as the final team looking for a head coach. They have interviewed Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels, and still have an interview on Sunday with Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable, a man who punched one of his assistant coaches, and has been accused by three separate women of committing domestic violence. Talk about winning with class.

Yesterday, I asked people to vote on who they wanted to be head coach. Now that the 49ers are down to three candidates, who do you think actually ends up getting the job. So, this poll is asking not necessarily who you want, but who you think ends up getting the 49ers head coach job.