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Larry Fitzgerald tweets endorsement of Cardinals VP Terry McDonough

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That’s a positive!

The San Francisco 49ers are set to interview Arizona Cardinals Vice President of Player Personnel Terry McDonough on Friday, and he got a solid endorsement Thursday evening. Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald offered this up on Twitter.

Word on this interview only showed up this week, but Cam Inman tweeted that he had heard the name mentioned a couple weeks ago. I was told after the fact that McDonough’s name was on the list last week, but since he was not in the playoffs, the team was not in a rush with it.

Former Cowboys personnel executive Gil Brandt tweeted out support for him, and Mike Nolan is a big fan as well. And so, now, a guy that has been gaining some buzz this week will get a chance to meet with the 49ers and talk it over. And maybe the 49ers end up stealing him away from Larry Fitzgerald!