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Golden Nuggets: Upcoming Roster

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San Francisco 49ers links for Friday January 13, 2017

Good morning and welcome to another wonderful Friday the thirteenth.

What does hiring McDaniels mean to our roster? Do we change to a 43 defense? Do we once again add a fullback? Do we pick a quarterback early in the draft or spend a high draft pick and tons of money on Garoppolo? Do we beef up our front line, possibly bring in a couple of road graders? Do we find some new tight ends? I wonder how McDaniels feels about our defensive backs. Maybe he leaves that up to our new defensive coordinator whoever that might be, which brings up another question.

Will it be too late? Will all of the good defensive coordinators already be taken? Will we have no choice but to end up with someone like O’Neil again this year? Will our defense set new records of incompetence just like they did last year because of it?

Now onto the hot links:

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