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New 49ers survey asks ticket-buyers their opinion of front office, ownership

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There’s some good, some bad, some amusing in this survey.

The San Francisco 49ers emailed a whole host of people on Friday with a survey on their experiences with and attitudes toward the San Francisco 49ers. It was not just for season ticket holders or even 2016 ticket purchasers because I was emailed, and I was neither of those this past year. I am signed up for the 49ers fan program where you can accumulate points, so I am guessing that was part of the group included.

Oscar Aparicio took screenshots of some of the more notable pages, and I thought they were worth sharing today. Some are intriguing, some are ridiculous, but it does give us some insight into the 49ers thought processes and what they are recognizing as potential issues surrounding the franchise.

I’ve posted the screenshots in gallery format up above. It opens with some basic questions about perception of the stadium, the team, and the front office. I imagine the team and front office in particular will get negative reviews. It then gets really interesting. It asks about how media reports impact perception of the team, and then asks if we would prefer to hear from the front office and ownership more or less in the media. I assume they mean formal statements and press conferences, as opposed to leaks.

It goes into a lot of stuff about game day experience and sponsor-related topics. My randomly favorite question though might be this one:

There are Papa John’s Pizza stores in the Bay Area, but it is based out of Kentucky, so I am not entirely sure how that makes it local. I think everybody should respond with In ‘n Out. That would be one way to get some good will with the fans. And I imagine the line would be ridiculous.

Another funny is when they ask how important various pieces of entertainment are to the game day experience. The first one listed is Anthem/Flag. The Anthem and having a huge flag on the field are part of the pre-game experience, so I get why they are including it. But it’s amusing to consider in light of the Anthem protest we saw all season.

If you got the survey, I highly recommend filling it out and getting it back to the team. I think those perception questions about the front office and ownership are particularly important. It remains to be seen if the team will actually do anything in response to the responses on the front office and ownership, but it’s interesting to consider.

I am a little disappointed it did not ask our opinion of the various GM and head coach candidates. That would have felt fitting!