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49ers interview schedule: Cardinals VP Terry McDonough kicks off the final weekend of first round interviews

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The 49ers MLK weekend schedule is underway.

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend is fast approaching, and the San Francisco 49ers are using it to wrap up what appear to be their final first round interviews. They are getting things going on Friday with Arizona Cardinals VP of player personnel Terry McDonough. According to Matt Barrows, the interview is taking place in Santa Clara. Here is what the rest of the schedule looks like:

Sunday: Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable
Monday: Seahawks co-directors of player personnel Trent Kirchner, Scott Fitterer

The 49ers are the only team remaining that has not hired a head coach. And they went into this process as the only team who needed to hire a general manager. They have quite a few options at their disposal, but we are left waiting and hoping they can make this thing work. If they hire basically any combination of people that does not include Tom Cable, I can find plenty of reasons to get excited about where things might be going.

The next step is potentially follow-up interviews. They can interview and hire executives at any point so long as their current team gives permission. On the head coach side, follow-up interviews cannot happen until either the coach’s team is eliminated from the playoffs, or the Super Bowl bye week, which ever comes first. The team cannot formally announce a coach hiring until the team is eliminated from the playoffs or has won the Super Bowl.

This means we’ll be waiting for this weekend’s results to see who might be an option sooner rather than later. At this point, I’m rooting for the Seahawks to beat the Falcons and the Texans to beat the Patriots. I highly doubt the latter happens, and am not holding my breath on the former. But if Shanahan or McDaniels is out of the playoffs after this weekend, things could happen fairly quickly.