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Will Deshaun Watson get drafted in the first round?

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It is going to be a long three months of conflicting opinions about Deshaun Watson.

No player has seen more media hype the past week than Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. Following a huge performance in the college football national title game, there was quickly talk of whether he could go as high as No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns. Given how quickly opinions can turn on a player, this was not remotely surprising.

However, NFL talent evaluators might not entirely agree. NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah has spoken with some unknown number of teams and none had a first round grade on him.

There is plenty of context to add to this. We don’t know how many teams he has spoken with, and we don’t know when he spoke with some of these teams. I would hope a single game does not drastically change a grade, but maybe a big performance in a big-time matchup can do that.

Whatever the case, we don’t quite know the full context of Jeremiah’s information. But there were plenty of questions being raised about Watson prior to the national title game, and some of those questions continue to be raised since.

I’ve seen people suggesting the 49ers need to take Watson at No. 2. Others are hoping the Browns will take him at No. 1, thus dropping Myles Garrett to the 49ers. I imagine this chatter will continue for most of the next three months until the draft happens and we finally get an answer on where Deshaun Watson will be drafted.