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Could Jim Tomsula return to the NFL in 2017?

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There is a report he is on the radar with Washington.

Season-long lost former San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Tomsula might be returning to the NFL this season. Matt Barrows is reporting Tomsula is on Washington’s radar for a possible position this season. Washington decided to not retain a handful of defensive coaches after the past season, including defensive coordinator Joe Barry, defensive line Coach Robb Akey, defensive backs Coach Perry Fewell, and head strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark.

Tomsula dropped entirely off the radar not too long after the 49ers fired him. A couple days after Tomsula was fired, a 49ers fan got a picture with a then mustache-less Tomsula. After that, Tomsula dropped off the radar entirely, with not a soul hearing from him.

Tomsula was in way over his head as head coach, and that was apparent from his first press conference. There was hope he would get on the right track, but it was a disaster the entire way. However, prior to his head coach work, he did a lot of good things as defensive line coach. There has been plenty of revisionist history about his work on the defensive line, but given what the 49ers got out of some day three and UDFA linemen, I think he deserves some credit.

If he ends up in Washington, he would reunite with Ricky Jean Francois, and join a line that has some potential, but was pretty inconsistent in 2016. Football Outsiders ranked them No. 28 against the run, but No. 9 in rushing the passer. Nothing has been finalized, but it will be something to watch if Tomsula joins Washington.