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Report: 49ers next head coach will effectively choose GM, Nick Caserio in the picture

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Jason Cole had a bunch of stuff to add to the speculation about the 49ers GM and coach search.

The San Francisco 49ers have been running an odd process in their path to figuring out their next head coach and general manager. They have interspersed interviews with head coach and GM candidates, there has been little rhyme or reason in that regard. However, depending on what you believe from Jason Cole, they might have something in mind.

Cole released a new video offering some insight based on what two sources have told him. He said the next head coach will “essentially” pick the next general manager. He said Josh McDaniels is the leading candidate, but whomever gets the job among him, Kyle Shanahan, and Tom Cable, they would more or less be picking their GM.

It gets interesting with McDaniels. Cole reported that if he got the job, McDaniels would “revisit the idea” of bringing Nick Caserio with him to San Francisco. Caserio turned down an interview with the 49ers, so I’m not sure if he just decided he wanted to wait this out and see if McDaniels got the job.

Cole also said McDaniels would likely trade for Jimmy Garoppolo if he got the job in San Francisco. This would not be the most shocking development, as the 49ers need a quarterback, Garoppolo is available, and McDaniels has extensive experience with him.

If the 49ers are going to bring in all these Patriots, we are going to be left waiting until New England’s season comes to an end before anything can officially happen. I don’t see how they lose to Houston, but let’s root for the Texans!