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2017 NFL playoffs picks against the spread: Divisional round edition

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The second weekend of the 2017 NFL playoffs get underway on Saturday with the divisional round. Here are my picks against the spread for the second round of the playoffs.

Welcome back for the second round of the 2017 NFL playoffs. The wild card round was mostly a bust, and we are all hoping for better football in the divisional round. I picked one upset (Raiders over Texans) and another underdog cover (Dolphins vs. Steelers) in my picks last week, and those losses dropped me to 2-2 for the weekend.

Last week saw chalk advance, and so this week we get the top seeded teams remaining in the playoffs. We get one particularly huge line as New England is a 15-point favorite at home against Houston. It is the biggest line in nearly two decades. The Patriots could easily cover it against a questionable Texans team, but getting that many points, I have to go with the underdog.

That Seahawks-Falcons game could be the best of the weekend. Seattle beat Atlanta by two points early in the season, thanks in part to Richard Sherman getting away with pass interference. The Seahawks had a lull for a while but have been playing well lately. I think this ends up the closest game of the weekend, with the Falcons winning by a field goal.

I think both Sunday games will be competitive, but I think the Cowboys end up winning by ten or so against Green Bay. I could see the Chiefs-Steelers coming down to the wire however. But, I have the top seeds on each side advancing. We could be due an upset, with the Seahawks as my pick for most likely to get it done. But I think it is chalk advancing once again.

Here are my four picks for this weekend.

Seahawks @ Falcons (-4): Seahawks cover, Falcons win
Texans @ Patriots (-15): Texans cover, Patriots win
Packers @ Cowboys (-4.5): Cowboys cover
Steelers @ Chiefs (-1.5): Chiefs cover