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Report: Colts pursued Jon Gruden, what does his rejection mean for Chuck Pagano?

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This could complicate things.

The NFL had six head coach openings, but the Indianapolis Colts were working to make it a seventh. There were numerous rumors over the past couple weeks that owner Jim Irsay was trying to secure the services of Jon Gruden. Adam Schefter is reporting the pursuit happened, but Gruden decided not to join the Colts.

That leaves the Colts in an odd situation. Head coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson remain in charge, but both have been on the hot seat for some time. Pagano is in a similar situation to Tony Sparano when the Miami Dolphins tried to pursue Jim Harbaugh back in January 2011. Sparano was eventually fired late in the 2011 season.

Can the Colts really move forward with Chuck Pagano as their head coach? Wouldn’t that seem incredibly awkward? If the Colts do end up firing Pagano, the question then arises, what does this mean for the 49ers head coach search. Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan have both interviewed with the 49ers, while Tom Cable will interview on Sunday.

If you are McDaniels or Shanahan, the chance to work with Andrew Luck has to be intriguing. At the same time, if Ryan Grigson remains in charge, would you be willing to make that move? Shanahan probably would, but reports have suggested McDaniels would prefer to bring in a personnel guy with whom he has some kind of relationship. But again, Andrew Luck would be a strong factor to sway an assistant.