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Earl Thomas wants to see what Tom Brady can do in the NFC West

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The Seahawks safety is salty after Seattle’s loss.

I am not inclined to regularly agree on football-related matters with a player on the Seattle Seahawks, but this time is an exception. Injured safety Earl Thomas was fired up while watching the New England Patriots pull away from the Houston Texans in the second half of their divisional round matchup.

Thomas’ Seahawks were thumped by the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, so it is no surprise Thomas is a little salty. But even with that salt, I don’t know that he has the best argument this year. Yes, he’d have to face the Seahawks twice, but the rest of the NFC West was not particularly good. Miami made the playoffs out of the AFC East and third place Buffalo was 7-9. Not too shabby I’d say.

On the other hand, the NFC West had the 10-5-1 Seahawks, but then 7-8-1 Cardinals, 4-12 Rams, and 2-14 49ers. Maybe Thomas was talking about the NFC West last year or the previous couple years. Yea, that’s it.