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Chip Kelly interviewed for Jacksonville Jaguars HC job

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What will Chip end up doing in 2017?

The Jacksonville Jaguars promoted Doug Marrone from interim head coach to permanent head coach last week, but they had an interesting interview in the process. Amidst all the names that have floated around, Adam Schefter is reporting the team also interviewed Chip Kelly.

It has been a whirlwind 13 or so months for Chip Kelly. He was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles in December 2015. The 49ers search process quickly centered on him after they fired Jim Tomsula. A year later, Kelly was fired along with Trent Baalke, and now the 49ers are in the midst of their own search.

I imagine Kelly was intrigued by the potential of working with Blake Bortles. The Jaguars likely recognized that Kelly got a raw deal to some extent in Santa Clara. But clearly it was not enough for one side to pull the trigger. We don’t know if the job was offered to Kelly, but I’m guessing it did not get to that point.

It remains to be seen where Kelly ends up in 2017, if he even works this year. When Cal fired Sonny Dykes, the immediate thought was that they would go after Kelly. That did not happen. If the 49ers were to hire Josh McDaniels, I’d be curious to see if Bill Belichick contacts Chip Kelly for some kind of role. They have a history, and the Patriots might need an OC soon.