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Was Saturday enough reason to think 49ers should lock up Kyle Shanahan?

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There are arguments for and against both Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan. Was Saturday’s Falcons performance against Seattle sufficient to push you over the top on Shanahan?

The Atlanta Falcons offense put on a show Saturday evening, scoring 36 points against a normally stout Seattle Seahawks offense. The Falcons have some great playmakers, but the addition of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has been notable in this group taking a big step forward.

The question now is if it will be enough to push Jed York forward in offering Shanahan the job. Bleacher Report columnist and friend of the site Matt Miller offered up his thoughts. You can watch the video below, but effectively, he says the game plan we saw that diced up the Seahawks defense should have Jed York hustling to get this deal done.

Neither Shanahan or Josh McDaniels are perfect candidates, but really, no head coach candidate is going to be viewed as absolutely perfect. There is reasonable debate to be had. But for those of you who were against Shanahan prior to Saturday afternoon, did that performance against Seattle give you reason to change your mind? Or does the body of work still have you leaning toward McDaniels?