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Tony Romo-Broncos trade chatter will pick up after the season

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The leaking will be regular as Tony Romo tries to find a new home.

The Dallas Cowboys face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday with a chance to advance to the 2017 NFC title game. Once the Cowboys season comes to an end, they will fully turn their attention to resolving the status of quarterback Tony Romo. The team has seen Dak Prescott emerge as a viable option, and odds are pretty good they look for a way to deal Romo this offseason.

The most logical landing spot thus far has appeared to be the Denver Broncos. They will look for Paxton Lynch to emerge as the long-term option, but with the defense and skill position players they currently have, bringing in Romo for a year or two could follow their previous Peyton Manning model.

We have not heard a lot of chatter in recent weeks, but Ian Rapoport tweeted on Sunday that the Broncos are Romo’s No. 1 spot, but Denver “is not inclined to trade for him.”

My guess is the Broncos do not want to appear too eager. Dallas technically does not have to deal Romo, but it would be surprising to see him on their roster in the fall. Teams like Denver and Arizona (if they move on from Carson Palmer) make a lot of sense. But how long will Dallas let this play out? Ian Rapoport suggested they might slow play this.

I’m not sure I see a deal happening that late in the process. It is possible, but if I am a team that thinks Tony Romo can put me over the top, I am probably trying to get him on my roster in time for the offseason workout program.

I imagine the 49ers would be interested in a veteran quarterback, but I have to think Romo will be looking to go to a team that is already contending, or appears to be on the verge with the right quarterback. The 49ers are not such a team.