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49ers announce start of Tom Cable interview

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The San Francisco 49ers are officially interviewing Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable on Sunday. The team announced to the beat writers the interview, which is taking place in Washington, has begun. The 49ers will follow that on Monday with interviews of Seahawks co-directors of player personnel Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer.

This wraps up the first round of head coach interviews. I suppose that could change, but at this stage in the process, it seems unlikely they conduct first round interviews with anybody else. They cannot conduct a second interview with Josh McDaniels or Kyle Shanahan until after the NFC and AFC title games. They cannot hire either of them until they are finished with the playoffs. On the other hand, they can do whatever they want with Cable since Seattle is out of the playoffs.

My worst fear right now is Cable will sufficiently sell himself to Jed as a viable option. Well, more viable, because if Jed is interviewing him, he must think there is something viable about him. And in this interview, if he did not ask in the first five minutes about Cable’s violent temper, well, that’s just absurd.