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Josh McDaniels might be conflicted about taking 49ers head coach job

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The 49ers are gonna end up with Tom Cable, aren’t they?

Fooch’s update: McDaniels has removed his name from consideration.

Fooch’s update: I missed this part in the PFT report: “[O]ne league source tells PFT that McDaniels has been reaching out to potential assistant coaches and urged them to remain available.” He could still be hesitant, but this is still pertinent.

The San Francisco 49ers have three candidates for their head coach job, and one of them might very well have some cold feet. Pro Football Talk is reporting some people believe Josh McDaniels might be conflicted about leaving the New England Patriots. PFT pointed to his family and the concern that he might not be in the position long.

He has four young children, and there’s a strong desire to not uproot the family for a short-term stint on the other side of the country. As the Broncos coach in 2009 and most of 2010, McDaniels didn’t even two full seasons to turn around the Broncos. Given San Francisco’s recent trend of parting ways with coaches (three left in roughly 24 months), there’s legitimate concern that McDaniels possibly won’t be coaching for an extended period of time.

I can only begin to imagine the issues a family raises in making this kind of decision. It’s a huge deal to uproot your family and move across the country. And the 49ers have been incredibly unstable the past three seasons. I have to think any coach/GM pairing gets at least two seasons, but the fact that it is even something that has to be considered says plenty.

Of course, this is also just one or more of many sources. Maybe it’s an attempt to gain some leverage, maybe it is just something McDaniels mentioned in passing. We don’t really know as long as the situation remains in flux.

The 49ers interviewed Tom Cable on Sunday, and also have Kyle Shanahan as a candidate. They can hire Cable immediately, while Shanahan and McDaniels cannot be hired until they are finished in the playoffs. Unofficial things can happen, so if the 49ers are going to hire either Shanahan or McDaniels, we would likely hear rumors during the bye week before the Super Bowl.

Or we’re going to end up rooting for a team that hires Tom Cable. I use the term “rooting” loosely.