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49ers interviews with Seahawks executives wrap up first round

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The wait begins after Monday.

The San Francisco 49ers will wrap up their first round of interviews on Monday. The team interviewed Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable on Sunday, marking what is likely their final “first interview” for the head coach position. On Monday, they will interview Seahawks co-directors of player personnel Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer.

What happens next is anybody’s guess. On the GM side, they have a few options. Anybody working for a team not currently in the playoffs (or currently working for ESPN) can join a new team at any point. For Wolf and Gutekunst the 49ers cannot interview them again or hire them without permission until the Packers are eliminated from the playoffs.

On the coach side, the 49ers can hire Tom Cable or interview him again at any point. They cannot speak with Josh McDaniels or Kyle Shanahan until the bye week before the Super Bowl. They cannot hire either of them until they are finished with the playoffs.

And so, after today’s interviews, we’ll be left waiting to see what the 49ers next step is. They could potentially interview Chris Ballard now that the Chiefs season is done. Or they move forward with their current crop of candidates The longer we don’t hear anything, the more it would suggest some combination of McDaniels or Shanahan and one of the Packers executives. They could want one of the other executives depending on approval by McDaniels or Shanahan, but my guess is more of the former.

In the meantime, here are all the candidates as things currently stand.

Head coach: Josh McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, Tom Cable

General Manager: Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst, George Paton, Jimmy Raye III, Brandon Beane, Louis Riddick, Terry McDonough, Trent Kirchner, Scott Fitterer